Sports Guard

A mouthguard is a protection accessory that protects your teeth, lips, tongue and jaw from blows and other injuries, especially when participating in sports or recreational activities.

Mouthguards can also be used to protect braces or if the person has fixed orthodontic gear to prevent injuries or breaking the equipment. A dental mouth guard can help prevent damage from grinding and bruxism, and to protect fragile bridgework.

A custom-fitted mouthguard is a personalised mouthguard made by your dentist and usually fit better. A stock version are pre-made mouthguards that are usually ready to wear, but they tend to be bulky and not fit very well which can cause difficulties when breathing and talking.

Dental Savers – Fairless Hills can help you get a custom mouthguard. This process consists of taking an impression of your teeth that will be used as a mold for your new mouth guard. You may be able to get a custom mouthguard the same day.

If you have questions about which mouthguard is the best for you make an appointment with us today!