Anesthesia is a method used to relax or sedate a person during a procedure and prevent the sensation of pain. Local anesthesia is used to numb a specific area where the procedure will take place, to prevent the patient from experiencing pain during treatment.

Different ways of administering local anesthesia include topical anesthetics or creams to soothe and numb an area, or injectable anesthetics to block the nerves when treating more complex cases or for longer procedures. A local anesthetic will cause your mouth, teeth, and gums to become numb for several hours. You may feel heat, cold, or pressure, but you will not feel pain.

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Another anesthetic-style option is full sedation, which leaves the patient unconscious during the longer and more complicated procedures. Full sedation is also a great option for patients who might experience higher levels of anxiety; this option is attractive because it can calm and relax you for your procedure.

Sedation may take the form of a pre-visit anti-anxiety medication or nitrous oxide administered in the office. A sedative, such as nitrous oxide, may cause you to feel sleepy, relaxed, or even euphoric, but these feelings wear off almost immediately at the end of your procedure when the dentist administers oxygen.

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